About Us

HTS Consulting Group operates the Occuhealth Service, that is based in Dublin, Ireland and offers since 2007 various Occupational Health Services, Training Courses, Remote Sickness Absence Case Management and Online Pre-employments to companies and organisations in Ireland and the UK.


Our Team can set up, provide and administer certain Occupational Health Consultancy, Services and Training Courses for small, medium and multinational companies. 


We are specialist in 

  • Day 1 Sickness Absence Assessments via telephone
  • Sickness Absence and Return to Work Assessments via telephone
  • Pre-employment medicals via telephone and online forms
  • Corporate Health Sceenings
  • Corporate Wellness Programmes
  • Corporate Stress Management Programmes
  • Healthy Eating and Workplace Reviews


We provide competitive and cost effective Occupational Health Services and Training Courses to companies and organisations. We provide a superior service in Occupational health consultancy, advisory, training and assessments.


Changing the way you work, forever...


phone: +353 (0)1 430 2145


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